The Once Great Outdoors

Friends of the Earth have a goal to create a healthy and just world. It’s hard to do that though when the planet is being littered with trash and threatened by climate change. These problems are causing biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, to decline at a rapid pace. The Once Great Outdoors is a 360˚campaign informing people of what our planet might look like if we continue to cause it harm.

Viewers may be shocked by the combination of the sarcastic copy and images of this horrible future. This integrated campaign features travel posters, Instagram posts, postcards, and a luggage tag.

From June to September, commuters and vacationers will see the Shitty Summit of Mt. Everest, the melted ice fields and Rocky Islands of Patagonia, Plastic Paradise of the Galapagos Islands, and the Coral Graveyards of Cozumel Island. These landscapes were created in Procreate, with simple shapes and rough textures.


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